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Laptops With Vinyl Covers

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Custom Laptop Skins

Laptop design isn’t usually very inspiring. If you want your laptop to stand out and be recognised, our custom laptop skins are ideal. We print our laptop decals right here in our head office. We can then professionally fix it to your new laptop purchase or send you the decal to fix to your existing laptop. Make a statement with a bold design, cover your laptop with your company logo or just show your support for your favourite sports team. The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom laptop skins.

Why choose our custom laptop skins?

We offer high-quality vinyl decal printing which means you’ll receive a laptop sticker with accurate colours and bold graphics. Low-quality laptop stickers will start to peel away after a short time. Our laptop stickers are designed to stay put as long as you want them to. If you decide you want to update your sticker or remove it entirely, simply peel it off with no sticky residue left behind.

What design can I put on my laptop?

Absolutely anything! If it means something to you, we can print it on a custom laptop skin. You might want to brand your company laptop so it’s easily identifiable when you’re out and about. If you’re always on the go, a custom laptop skin can be a great source of free advertising.

You might want to personalise your laptop with something that means a lot to you. You might want to decorate your laptop with a picture of your family pet or even your family. Inject a little bit of colour and excitement into your life with an abstract graphic design. Or simply show your colours by getting your favourite team logo on a laptop sticker.

Top 5 laptop sticker designs

  1. Marble laptop skin
Give your laptop a stylish update with a classic marble pattern. A marble pattern will make any laptop look instantly more expensive and on trend. Get the Instagram influencer look with a marble laptop skin custom designed for your laptop.

  1. Family photos
Keep your nearest and dearest with you at all times by printing your favourite picture of your family on a custom laptop skin. Perfect for business travellers who want to be reminded of home no matter where they are in the world.

  1. Pet photos
Mad about your dachshund or completely smitten with your kitten? Show the world just how much you love your pet with a custom cover showcasing your furry friends.

  1. Your favourite sports team
Let everyone in the office know where your allegiance lies with a custom laptop skin with your favourite team logo. It’s the perfect conversation starter for school or work and will make your laptop instantly recognisable.

  1. Your company logo
Enjoy a spot of free advertising while you’re out and about with your laptop by adding your company logo. Perfect for taking to conferences and trade shows.

Laptop stickers for security

Laptop decals aren’t just about expressing your personality. They can also be useful for security. Your laptop will be instantly recognisable when it has a custom decal, making it less attractive to thieves. If you are looking for a laptop for your child to take to school, adding a custom decal can also help to ensure they don’t bring the wrong computer home.

For added security, you could also print your contact details on your sticker so it can be easily returned to you if lost. This is particularly useful for children who take laptops to school and might leave it on the bus, at school or at a friend’s house. If the laptop is locked, the finder might struggle to return it to you, but with a printed laptop sticker, you’ll have a better chance of getting it back.

Can I use this on any laptop?

We can create laptop decal stickers to fit any laptop size. To give you an idea, we offer the following:

  • Asus laptop skins
  • Acer laptop skins
  • HP laptop skins
  • MacBook Pro and Air skins
  • Dell laptop skins
  • Lenovo laptop skins

If you don’t see your laptop brand on the list, don’t worry. Get in touch with your specific laptop and we’ll create your ideal laptop skin!

How do I apply the cover?

You can either choose to have the sticker professionally applied to a laptop that you purchase from us, or you can purchase the custom laptop decal to fix at home. Follow these steps to ensure you get a good fit and lasting finish.

  1. To apply your sticker, start by making sure that the surface of your laptop is clean and free from dust or grease. Use a specialist screen cleaner to remove any fingerprints or marks.
  2. Remove the sticker from its liner at one corner and apply to the corresponding corner of your laptop.
  3. Work slowly to remove the liner and stick the sticker to your laptop cover. Don’t worry about bubbles at this stage as you can remove them later.
  4. Once the sticker is fully covering your laptop, you can start to smooth it down for a firm fit.
  5. Use a credit card and start at the middle to push any bubbles to the edge. You should now have a firm seal and an amazing looking laptop!

How do I order?

Once you have your design ready to go, simply order your laptop sticker through our website. We’ll be in touch if there’s an issue with your artwork. Otherwise, simply wait for your custom laptop decal to arrive in the post.