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PC RAM/Memory

PC components or better known as PC parts are simply the parts within a computer which make it operate. PC parts include the likes of memory (RAM), hard drives (HDD) central processing units (CPU), graphics cards and many others. PC parts can be bought separately from actual computer systems which can be very handy if your PC has a problem and you need a new spare part for it, or perhaps you want to speed your PC up? Well, all you would need to do is buy yourself a stick of RAM which isn’t too expensive and this could do wonders for your PC.

What a lot of people are doing nowadays is they are buying cheap PCs with and without operating systems and with these cheap PCs they take the PC parts out that they need and install it in to other systems to make them bigger and faster for cheaper. It’s a great idea to do this for PC parts if you are interested in building computers from PC parts and/or want to save yourself some money.

The price of PC parts depends of course on which PC parts you require. Some are cheaper than others, while some can be quite expensive. PC parts such as RAM and hard drives are generally quite cheap to buy, however, for the like of graphics and audio cards you could be paying quite a lot for a top of the range one. You can buy almost any PC part that you require online through websites and marketplaces (i.e. eBay) or through PC repair stores but always make sure you know exactly what you need as only certain PC parts will work for your system. For example, if you wanted to buy some RAM to increase the processing speed of your computer, then when you go for the PC parts you should know whether you are looking for SRAM or DRAM. Getting the wrong PC parts could be a complete flop and may be inoperable on your system.

If you have an old PC lying around then you can also take the PC parts out of this and make use of them on one of your better PCs. A lot of people are doing just this and it’s easy to understand why... why would you need to buy PC parts when you can simply get them from an old PC computer. When buying PC parts you should always make sure that you know what you a