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Operating System

Operating Systems on PCs

If you are looking to buy a cheap PC for your home or office then a top tip is to buy a cheap PC that has no operating system. You should really only buy a cheap PC with no operating system though if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t have a copy of an operating system such as Microsoft Windows and you don’t know how to install an operating system, then it is strongly advised that you don’t buy a cheap PC with no operating system as you could be paying more than a PC with an operating system.

To buy a license for an operating system can be quite expensive, even for a cheap PC. In fact, some licenses can cost just as much as the cheap PC that you thought was a great deal! With a cheap PC, the specifications vary slightly, depending on how cheap it is exactly, however, you can pick up a cheap PC that is cheaper than you think with a low spec quality and you can add in new hardware components into the cheap PC yourself. This of course depends on your knowledge with computer systems.

Another great thing about a cheap PC with no operating system is that it can be bought and the hardware inside can be used for another (not so cheap) PC. The likes of the RAM and hard drive from the cheap PC can be reused on other machines. This could save you money on buying brand new hardware and is certainly recommended if you know exactly what you are doing with the cheap PC. Before buying a cheap PC though, it is also important to know exactly what is in the cheap PC and if it all functions correctly. It would be a wasted investment if the cheap PC was a complete flop.

If you have a copy of a working and legal operating system such as Microsoft Windows and you know how to install it then buying a cheap PC with no operating system can be a great bargain. You may be lucky enough to find a high spec office PC for the same price as a standard home PC and all you will need to do is install the operating system on the cheap PC which will take no longer than an hour or 2 of your time. If you are considering buying a cheap PC, then check your local PC repair shops, in newspaper ads and online through websites and online market places.