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Desktop Windows 7

Advantages of Windows 7 PCs

Microsoft Windows 7 PCs are definitely the big in thing at the moment when it comes to computers. But what is all the boasting about? Well, this is simply because the processing and task capabilities of Windows 7 are much greater than any of the other previous Microsoft operating system releases which has made the Windows 7 computers the preferred choice for home users, offices and even large businesses. The advantages of the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system are very broad. For example, you have desktop gadgets (currency convertor, calculator, games etc), easier and quicker network access, quicker file access, you can create and easily share own made videos and much more. It’s because of these things that everyone is now taking advantage of the Windows 7 operating system.

One of the best advantages of Windows 7 PCs for entertainment users is the Windows media center which allows you to record live TV and watch free internet TV. This has not been done with any operating systems until now and just shows how powerful Windows 7 PCs really are.

The cost of the Windows operating systems depends entirely on which version you want. You can buy Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate with Home Premium being the cheapest and Windows Ultimate being the most expensive. The reason for the price difference is due to the fact that each version contains different applications and processing abilities. If you are unsure as to which version you should choose then you should search around for more help, however, it’s pretty basic. Home Premium is for home use, Professional is for office and Ultimate is the full package which many offices and businesses are using.

If you are running a network at your home or in the office then Windows 7 PCs are definitely recommended. Network setup and access is very easy, most of which is automatic so you don’t need to use as much effort as the previous releases of Microsoft Windows such as XP and Vista. When setting up a network on Windows 7 PCs, the other great advantage is that there is a firewall to block against any application access and hacking attempts. Previous releases of the Microsoft operating systems also had firewalls, however, the protection is certainly not as good.

If you are a gamer, then the Windows 7 PC is for you. The processing capabilities will really blow you away! Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself!