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PCs Under £100

If you are looking for an inexpensive or “budget” range home PC, then you will be looking to pay around £100 or less. A home PC around this price will have the ability to complete general duties such as word processing, printing, shopping online and playing certain computer games. Almost everybody today has a home PC that they use more than often. Many years ago, a home PC was not a priority but things have changed!

Having a home PC that you can use has many advantages. You can print your letters, do your shopping directly online (quickly and securely), download music for pleasure, store and look at photographs and much more. A home PC less than £1000 should contain everything that you need to get started including the tower and it’s components (hard drive, motherboard, RAM etc), a monitor and keyboard with mouse. The home PC should also come with a copy of an operating system (Windows usually). If it doesn’t come with an operating system then you had better be careful as operating systems can be very expensive, even for the home PC.

A home PC is just as good enough to suit any desktop PC user and contains almost everything that you need for the full computer and internet experience. Wireless internet, TV connections and Printing are just among a few of the capabilities of a home PC. If you are looking to play games online, develop mass applications or anything like that, then a home PC for under £100 is definitely not recommended as a home PC doesn’t have the memory (RAM) or processing abilities to execute high processing applications or software.

With a home PC, you can keep it almost anywhere in the home. Whether it’s in the living room or in a bedroom, it really doesn’t matter. As long as it has the correct sockets for the electricity and internet communications, a home PC will be fine absolutely anywhere. In fact, a recent study has informed us that most of today’s home PCs are in the likes of bedrooms rather than in the office rooms which goes to show that almost everyone from the professional to amateur are using home PCs.

Just like a gaming of business PC, it is important that home PCs are maintained to prevent any malicious acts from computer viruses, spyware and malware. There is free software available on the market for home PCs which can help prevent such infections from occurring.