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Refurbished Laptops With DVD Drive

Laptops with DVD Drives

Optical drives are used to store and read on optical discs such as a compact disc (CD), blue ray discs (BDs) and/or DVD’s through the power of laser and light. A great example of an optical drive is a DVD drive. A DVD drive is used to play DVD’s on the home PC and to write DVD films or large data archives. With a DVD drive, you can turn your home PC into a full cinema like experience by simply connecting your PC to the television and surround sound. Another great thing about having a DVD drive for your computer is that you can clone certain DVD discs.

Most optical drives can play and record on to a wide range of different disc format. Such formats include the likes of CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL, BD-R and BD-RE. Before you purchase any media on disc, you should always check your optical drives manual to see if it’s compatible.

If you are considering on buying a PC with an optical drive then it is recommended that you buy one with a DVD drive. The reason to buy one with a DVD drive is that unlike a standard CD drive, the DVD drive can read standard discs as well as DVD formatted discs which in essence will mean that you are buying a CD drive and DVD drive in one. The price of a DVD drive can set you back anything from £20 - £40 or more depending on the DVD drive that you buy.

With a DVD drive, you also need to think about the read and write speed. The means the speed that the data will be read at and the speed data will be written to the disc at through the DVD drive. Not all DVD drives have writing capabilities so that is something else that you need to consider when buying a DVD drive. If you have no plans on writing data to DVD discs, then a DVD drive with only reading abilities could save you some money.

With a DVD drive, the disc is capable of holding over 6 times the amount of a standard CD drive. A DVD drive can read and hold up to 3.95GB on each of its discs while a CD drive can hold only as much as 700MB so if you are planning on saving lots of data, then a DVD drive with writing abilities is the perfect choice for you.