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Windows 7

Laptops with Windows 7

As you may already know, the latest operating system release from Microsoft is Windows 7. This is perhaps arguably the best operating system which has been released by Microsoft to date. A Windows 7 PC works completely flawlessly, much quicker than previous releases, security and protection levels are much greater and there is a general all round feeling of like when using a Windows 7 PC.

A Windows 7 PC is a big difference from a Windows XP or Windows Vista PC. The processing capabilities are much greater and there is a bunch of useful features that are only available on a Windows 7 PC. A Windows 7 PC is a high performance PC and can be used for a wide range of tasks including gaming, data processing and mass storage. It is important to realize though that what you can do with your PC depends on the actual hardware specifications of the Windows 7 PC such as RAM size, Data storage size etc. A Windows 7 PC must meet a minimum system requirement that is fast enough for anyone to use, whether it’s for a home Windows 7 PC or a business/office Windows 7 PC.

Large and small businesses are taking advantage of the new Windows 7 PC to complete their business duties to its excellent performance rate. In fact, a recent study has revealed that more and more businesses are switching the XP PCs to the new Windows 7 PCs which really is saying something. A Windows 7 PC is generally much faster at doing the jobs that need to be done and is very reliable. Windows 7 PCs also come with a range of useful desktop gadgets that a home or business user can take advantage of such as currency conversion and calculator gadgets.
Just like any other PC though, the Windows 7 PC has to be maintained. The likes of virus and spyware/malware scanners are essential for smoothness and reliability. However, Windows 7 PCs are completely revamped and updated systems so virus infections are not as common as with an XP or Vista PC. This is not to say though that new holes will be exploited so it’s always best to have these tools on your Windows 7 PC and keep them updated to the most recent definitions at all time.
The price of a Windows 7 PC varies, but remember that it will most likely be more than a standard XP/Vista PC due to the Windows 7 operating system itself costing more.