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Refurbished Laptops for £200-299

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£200-£299.99 Laptops

If you are looking for fast, reliable and quick processing laptops or netbooks then you should expect to pay around £200 - £300. Within this budget, you should be able to pick up good branded and decent spec laptops from names such as Dell, Acer and Asus (just naming a few). You can purchase a laptop for under £200 but as you would expect, the processing speed and general all round quality will not be as good. If you are looking for laptops that will be used regularly for a wide range of tasks then these laptops are perfect for you. Some of the laptops around this price range can also be used for playing certain computer games due to the high specifications of some of them. If you are looking for laptops for gaming then it’s important to first understand what you are looking for. You will need a high amount of memory (RAM), a large storage capacity and a decent graphics card to say the least.

Laptops within the £200 - £300 price range are also ideally suited for office and general business use. If you are on business and travel a lot, then this could be the perfect purchase for you. When buying these laptops, your choices are almost endless. You have standard laptops, designer laptops, refurbished laptops and laptops with vinyl cover designs. Choose what you feel comfortable with and remember, always understand the system spec before making any purchases. You should also ask when buying computer systems if they come with an operating system. If not, you should get the laptops for much cheaper than the normal price, however, you should only choose this option if you are familiar with installing operating systems on laptops such as Microsoft Windows.

Many businesses, schools and other educational departments use these types of laptops due to the reliability of them. Popular choices of laptops within this price range are Dell and Acer. The Dell laptops are especially worthy of a place in the classroom with all of the amazing built in features that is offers such as external display to projector screens which can be done on Dell laptops with the click of a button unlike other computer systems where it can prove to be a rather cumbersome task.