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Refurbished Laptops under £100

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Laptops under £100

When buying a new laptop many of us are stumped as to what we should actually buy. You need to take into consideration the likes of is the desktop computer for home, an office, for business or for gaming purposes. Other things you need to generally know is the RAM size, Hard Drive (HD) size, does it have an operating system etc. Looking for a desktop computer at a reasonable price can also be a bit tricky for most of us. The price you will pay depends on the system specifications. The higher the spec, the higher the cost is generally the theory but if you are looking for a cheap laptop that will brighten up your room and make general day to day tasks easier, then a cheap laptop under £100 would be ideally suited to you.

With a cheap laptop you have the ability to execute tasks that offices and business use, such as word processing, spreadsheets and databases which can be especially useful if you have organization within your life. Cheap laptops are definitely not recommended for office or business use, however, due to the fact that the processing abilities with a cheap laptop are much lower than of that required. Cheap laptops are also great for those who like to surf the web so for families, couples and even individuals a cheap laptop would be ideal.

Cheap laptops are portable unlike desktop computers which means that you can carry the cheap laptop about with you wherever you go. You can also pickup cheap laptop accessories such as laptop bags, sleeves and covers which may be useful to you.

When buying a cheap laptop, some of the manufacturers that you may see include Acer, Asus and Dell. These particular cheap laptop manufacturers are trusted and definitely recommended if you are looking for a fast and reliable cheap laptop. Most cheap laptops will come fully equipped with a WIFI card, LAN card, optical drive, hard drive, RAM and an operating system (normally Windows XP for cheap laptops), so really, it’s just a case of plug and play with most cheap laptops.

You can buy a cheap laptop from PC repair stores, large computer stores and online through marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. Remember to always check the system spec of cheap laptops before purchasing, as what seemed like a good deal may in fact not be.