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Refurbished Desktop Computers

Refurbished desktop computers

Are you looking for a high-quality PC but don’t want to pay the huge price of a brand new one? Refurbished desktop computers are a great alternative to consider. They will guarantee you a large saving without compromising on quality. Browse our collection of excellent refurbished desktop computers here at PC Renewed.

Dell refurbished computer

We supply a range of big brands so you don’t have to settle for less. At PC Renewed, you can choose from a variety of Dell refurbished computers including the Dell Optiplex - one of the best business computers around. After you opt for a refurbished desktop computer from our select reliable brands, you will receive a one-year warranty so we’ve got you covered.

Benefits of refurbished desktop computers

There are endless benefits to opting for a refurbished desktop computer over a brand new device. Here we’ll show you the top perks of going for the refurbished option.

Choose the best specifications for your needs

You may be looking for a device to carry out every day work tasks or perhaps you need a powerful desktop for the whole family to use. Your computer must have the correct specifications so that you can complete your jobs with ease. If you settle for a cheaper new computer that doesn’t tick all the boxes, you’ll pay the price further down the line. You may suffer from slow loading speeds, meaning that it takes you longer to get things done. Then you’re back to square one as you shop for alternatives. Avoid the hassle and go for a refurbished desktop computer from the start. Our friendly team can advise you on the specifications you’ll need so you don’t overspend on redundant features. We can help you to find the perfect device - get in touch with us today.

Benefit from a host of operating systems

Our Dell refurbished computers are available in many different operating systems. You can choose from Windows XP, Windows 7, Microsoft OS, Windows 10 and Windows 11. Our most popular system is Windows 10 which includes the virtual assistant Cortana; use this feature to search for information instantly. Opting for a refurbished desktop computer doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the latest technology. We now offer the latest version of Windows 11. Released in October 2021, this system is a natural transition from Windows 10 and is designed to support the current hybrid-working lifestyle. Talk to our experts today to discuss which operating system is best for you.

What is the difference between a used PC and a refurbished desktop computer?

If you’re weighing up whether to buy a used PC or a refurbished desktop computer, we recommend that you opt for refurbished. Finding the right PC is tricky, and taking the route of used devices makes the buying process a whole lot harder. A used PC may or may not be defective - it’s the luck of the draw. Used desktops haven’t gone through stringent testing by professionals. As a result, you could be parting with your cash for a faulty device, and you’d never know. While you can trust that a refurbished desktop computer is in the best shape. Our experienced technicians at PC Renewed will inspect the device and carry out any repairs before it reaches your hands. Every single one of our refurbished desktops are restored to factory condition, so it really feels like you’re getting a brand new device!

Where to buy refurbished desktop computers

The best place to find genuine refurbished desktop computers is from reputable sellers such as PC Renewed. We are a Microsoft Third Party installer and a member of the chamber of commerce. In addition, we have sold quality devices on the Amazon Renewed program for many years. You can rest assured that every refurbished desktop computer at PC Renewed has undergone industry-leading tests by our experienced team.