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3 Reasons To Choose A Laptop!

Posted in News by PC Renewed on July 02nd 2018
Laptops are fantastic pieces of technology. They allow people to take a powerful computer with them on the go. So if you’re unsure if you should choose a refurbished desktop computer or a refurbished laptop, here’s a list of 3 reasons why you should consider choosing a laptop.

 3 Reasons To Choose A Laptop!

There are advantages and disadvantages of both desktops and laptops, as such if you’re unsure which you would prefer; it can be helpful to look at the pros and cons of each before making your decision. So to give you a helping hand creating a list of pros and cons, here is a list of 3 reasons why you should choose a laptop.

  1. Are You A University Student? You Could Work Anywhere!
    If you are a student, there are numerous advantages of choosing a laptop instead of a desktop computer. Firstly, you will be able to use your laptop to complete assignments in your dorm room. However, you could also take your laptop with you to lectures so you can take notes. This way, your notes and your assignments are kept on the same machine. However, please remember to backup your data. If you would like to browse through a range of USB storage, please visit our accessories section.

    Additionally, you’ll be able to carry the laptop to areas where you feel more productive. You could work on an assignment in the library, at a local coffee shop, or at a friend’s house/dorm room. A desktop computer needs a keyboard, mouse, and a monitor; making it very difficult to transport. However, the laptop can be quickly placed into a bag or carry case and be quickly moved from one location to another. Indeed, the portability of a laptop makes it a fantastic choice for students who frequently participate in group projects.

    Laptops require much less space than a desktop computer. This means that you can use the space in your student room for other things that you enjoy such as your hobbies. Also, if you’re an international student, its small size makes it much easier to transport to and from your home country. Indeed, some laptops are small enough to fit inside hand luggage on a plane.

  2. Are You A Gamer? They’re Great For LAN Parties!
    It’s often believed that PC gamers should stay with a gaming desktop; whilst it is true that you will often find a better price - performance ratio by choosing a desktop, laptops do have an advantage with regards to portability. In other countries LAN parties are very popular. A LAN party is where a group of friends gather together at one location to play games together. In Sweden there is a large LAN party at an event called Dreamhack where people gather together to play games, watch tournaments, and more. In 2013, Dreamhack achieved the world record of the world’s largest LAN party with a total of 17,402 connected systems!

    So, if the idea of organising a LAN party with your friends sounds interesting, a laptop would make it much easier for you to transport your computer to and from different locations.

  3. Do You Want To Produce Music? Make Music Where You Feel Inspired!
    In today’s 21st century society, there are numerous gateways into the world of music production. There are lots of different DAWs (digital audio workstations) to choose from that are compatible with different operating systems such as Windows and Apple. Also, with numerous audio brands releasing entry level USB audio interfaces for those looking to capture live instruments (such as guitar, drums, and vocals), and with lots of samples and midi instruments to browse on the internet, both those searching to make electronic genres of music and those searching to make more traditional styles of music have a wide selection of software and hardware to choose from.

    Many individuals involved in the music industry choose to use a laptop, as the portability provides them with the opportunity to write music where they feel inspired. Additionally, it also provides fantastic opportunities with regards to collaboration. For example, if you primarily write instrumental music, you could take your music with you on the laptop to a friend’s house who sings and collaborate together. Whilst it is technically possible to transport a desktop computer, it is significantly easier to be portable with a laptop as you can fit it into a laptop bag and do not to carry the computer, monitor, keyboard, and other peripherals. 

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Laptops can be more expensive than desktop computers as a result of their portability. However, if you want to save money but don’t want to compromise on computer power, have you considered choosing a refurbished laptop?

 Remember, a refurbished computer is different from a used computer. If you choose to purchase a used computer, you are purchasing a computer that had a previous owner. However, refurbished computers and laptops purchased from a trustworthy business provide peace of mind that if any faults existed from a previous owner, those faults no longer exist. For additional peace of mind, refurbished computers and laptops which are purchased from PC Renewed include a one year warranty.

 In addition to refurbished laptops, you can also browse through a selection of refurbished products including but not limited to certified refurbished desktops, refurbished tablets, and a variety of monitors, components and accessories. You can also browse through products from numerous different brands such as Dell, HP, and Apple.

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