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Is It Safe To Leave A Laptop Plugged In?

Posted in News by PC Renewed on January 07th 2019
Nobody wants their laptop’s battery to run out, and whilst we all know the risks and dangers associated with leaving a lithium-ion device to charge overnight, some people choose to use their laptops whilst plugged into the mains. However, this raises the question, is it safe to leave your refurbished laptop plugged in when the battery is fully charged?

Is It Safe To Leave Your Laptop Plugged In With A Full Battery?

It is difficult to give a short answer to this question, however if you had to give a short answer, it would probably be, “kind-of-no”.  Whilst it is difficult to say if it is unsafe, there are numerous downsides to leaving your laptop plugged in.

Why Do People Leave Their Laptops Plugged In?

Many brands limit the performance of their laptops whilst they are not plugged in. This is to improve their battery lives. Whilst this feature can be changed in the laptop’s settings, it will result in poorer battery performance.

Issued Caused By Leaving Your Laptop Plugged In

  • Overcharging
    This issue has been mitigated by many ‘modern-day’ laptops as their chargers are designed to bypass the battery after it has finished charging. However, if your laptop’s charge isn’t designed to prevent overcharging, it could result in corrosion of the positive grids and reduce the battery’s ability to carry the current.
  • It Harms The Charging Cycle
    If you keep your battery charged 100% all the time, you cause harm to the charging cycle. There are a limited number of charge-discharge cycles that your laptop’s battery can go through, so if you frequently keep the laptop at 100% charge, you’ll reduce the amount of cycles that your laptop has left.

How Can You Get The Most Out Of Your Laptop’s Battery

  • Don’t Let The Power Reach 0%
    A good way of getting the most out of your battery is to take care to not let the power reach zero. If a laptop is fully drained, it significantly reduced the number of charges left in the charge cycle, instead you should aim to keep the battery around 40-80% when it is not plugged in.

  • Prevent Overheating
    Heat can also seriously affect your laptop’s battery in different ways. It can reduce how long your battery holds a charge and it can also (in cases of excessive heat) make the battery completely unusable.

    In order to keep the battery cool and reduce the risk of overheating, make sure that you regularly remove dust from the laptops vents. You can also reduce this risk by using a laptop cooling pad.

  • Remove Your Battery When Stationary
    Some laptops are equipped with removable batteries. This means that you can keep the battery charged for times when you need to use the laptop on the go; but when using the laptop when stationary, you can remove the battery and use the laptop on AC power.
    However, it is very important to remember that you should never remove or insert the battery whilst the laptop is on. This includes sleep and standby mode.

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