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Refurbished & Used – What’s The Differen

Posted in News by PC Renewed on October 01st 2018
Refurb tech such as refurbished PCs and laptops can be significantly cheaper than new tech, but are there any differences between refurb and used? Should you purchase refurbished items, or should you stick to new technology?

The Difference Between Used And Refurbished

A used item is simply a product that has been used before. It could be sold by the current owner or perhaps it was sold to a business that is now reselling the item.

However, on other hand a refurbished tech product is an item that has either been returned as used or returned as faulty, however after being returned it will have been tested, had any faulty parts replaced, been cleaned, and finally repackaged.

This means that when you receive a refurbished item, it should look exactly like a new version of the item. This sometimes includes things such as replaced chassis, buttons, and in the case of some laptops; sometimes the keyboard is reprinted. On the other hand, a used item usually appears in the same condition as it was when it was last used, although sometimes some retailers will clean a used item before selling it.

However, there are other reasons why an item may be listed as refurbished. They are not always products which have been returned as used or faulty. Some other examples are:

  • Damaged During Shipping
    If minor damage is caused to the product during transportation, such as a minor scratch or dent to the item, a retailer could return the product. This item, such as a laptop could then be refurbished, tested and verified, then sold as a refurbished laptop.
  • Demonstration Units
    There are numerous different versions of demo units. For example, a retail store could have a demo unit of a tablet on display so that customers can experience the interface of a tablet, perhaps with a member of staff nearby to show them how to use the item.

    Some other demo unit examples are products used at trade shows, or products which are sent to reviewers and critics.
  • Opened Box
    There can be a wide range of reasons why an item could be classed as open box; however the item should be ‘like new’. However, if any faults are detected, for example the box was opened and upon inspection there was damage to the item, the product could be refurbished and sold.
  • Defects Detected During Production
    If the manufacturer detects a defect during the production process, for example a desktop computer being assembled notices a defect on the case. The whole product could be repaired then sold as a refurbished PC, or sold to retailers as refurbished computer.

What About Pre-Owned?

Pre-owned or second-hand are both synonyms for used, as such if a pre-owned computer or laptop had a faulty hard drive, or a virus at the point of sale, it will still have those faults. However, refurbished or refurb computers will have been verified, repaired, and tested to ensure that the computer is working correctly.

What Products Should You Buy Refurbished?

With such a wide range of tech products available on the refurbished market, naturally some are better suited to the refurbished market than others. Here are a few examples.

  • Desktop Computers?
    Purchasing a refurbished desktop PC is a fantastic way to save money. When a desktop computer is refurbished, if any internal items require replacements, they will be replaced. As such, it is highly likely that the computer will be ‘good as new’. You also get peace of mind in the knowledge that reputable refurbishment businesses will carry out detailed tests before selling the product.

  • Hard Drives?
    Whilst desktop computers can be excellent machines at a great price when purchased refurbished, the same sadly cannot be said for hard drives. This is due to how the hard drive works. Once it has been used and starts to wear down – there is no way to undo that. However, fortunately prices for new hard drives are quite low, so if you want to upgrade the hard drive in your refurbished PC, you can do so for a relatively low cost.

  • Tablets?
    Tablets can be quite expensive when bought brand new, so you can save a significant sum of money by choosing to purchase a refurbished tablet such as a refurb iPad. However, is it good value for money?

    Yes, purchasing a refurbished iPad or tablet is a fantastic choice for those searching to save some cash but still have a high quality piece of tech. However, unlike desktop computers, tablets can be very difficult to upgrade, so make sure that you choose the correct screen size and correct storage size before you make your purchase. If you would like to learn more information about purchasing a refurb iPad, here’s a list of 5 things to look for.

Why Choose Refurbished Tech From PC Renewed?

If you are interested in purchasing refurbished tech, it is very important that you only purchase your refurbished products from a reputable and trustworthy business who is an Amazon Certified Refurbisher – such as PC Renewed.

With PC Renewed, in addition to receiving a product that has been tested and verified to function correctly, you will also have addition peace of mind because all of the products available on our website are covered by our One Year Warranty. However, should any issues arise; you can make use of our 30 day no quibble returns policy.

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