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Xmas Tablet Gift Guide

Posted in News by PC Renewed on November 05th 2018
Unsure what tablet you should purchase for a friend or family member? Should you opt for a new iPad, a refurbished iPad, or perhaps an Android, Windows, or Amazon tablet?

So if you need a helping hand whilst searching for a tablet Christmas gift, here’s a quick guide.

Xmas Tablet Gift Guide

  • Apple iPad Tablet
    One of the most well known types of tablets out there are the iPads from Apple. These tablets come in a wide range of different sizes and have a wide selection of both free and premium apps to choose from on the Apple App Store. Many would argue that Apple iPad tablets are much easier to use than others such as Android tablets. Additionally, many would consider them to be much more stable as Apple approves each app individually, and as such most of the severe bugs are avoided. This also provides users with a level of protection, as the approval process makes it more difficult for malware to enter iPads.
  • Android Tablets
    Whilst Android tablets have disadvantages with regards to the Apple approval process for the App Store; there are also advantages to be found. For example, the approval process can result in some apps being unavailable on iPads. Additionally, Android devices tend to have much more options for customisation, so if your friend or relative enjoys customising settings to alter their devices to best suit their needs, you might consider choosing an Android device as a gift.

  • Windows Tablets
    A lot of the time you’ll read about iPads Vs Androids with regards to tablet choice, however Microsoft is another major player when it comes to choosing a tablet.

    At the beginning many considered Microsoft tablets to be inferior to the competition, however in recent years, that has changed. Many opt for Apple products because of their easy-to-use interface, however with Microsoft tablets being powered by Windows 10; there is a very familiar interface for those who use Windows 10 for home computing. If you use a Windows 10 desktop PC, you’ll be able to easily navigate a Windows 10 tablet, as everything will look and feel the same.

    Additionally, many Windows Tablets include a USB port, which allows you to add various different peripherals. This level of customisation makes them ideal for Windows PC users.

  • Amazon Tablets
    First things first, it is important to note that Amazon tablets are not Android tablets. Whilst it is true that the tablets run a customised version of an Android operating system, the tablet itself cannot run or install Android apps, instead you have to use the Amazon Appstore. The Amazon Appstore is considered by some to be a disadvantage as whilst many apps are free on the store, the app you may want to download may not be there. As such, you should check beforehand.

Should You Purchase Refurbished Tech?

Pre-owned or second-hand are both synonyms for used, and if you choose to purchase a used computer or tablet, you could risk purchasing a product with a virus or faulty components. However, if you choose to purchase refurbished tech from a reputable and trustworthy business that is an Amazon Certified Refurbisher – such as PC Renewed, you can purchase with confidence and enjoy peace of mind. This is because every tech item refurbished by PC Renewed will have been tested, had any faulty parts replaced, been cleaned, and finally repackaged.

This means that all refurbished products on the PC Renewed online store have been tested and verified to function correctly. However, for additional peace of mind, you can enjoy a One Year Warranty and if any issues arise with your purchase, please make use of our 30 day no quibble returns policy.

It’s also worth remembering that choosing to purchase a refurbished product is a great way to ‘give more’. Remember, refurbished tech is often cheaper than new equivalents, and as such, you might be able to purchase a more powerful refurbished tablet as a gift for your friend or relative.

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If you’re searching for a Christmas gift and need some more advice, we recommend reading our blog post “Computer Gifts For Christmas”. However, if you would like information regarding any of the products that are available for purchase on our online store, please contact a member of staff using the information at the bottom of this page.

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