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8 Tips & Tricks For iPads

Posted in News by PC Renewed on September 24th 2018
On the 3rd of April 2010 the world changed forever; the first iPad was released. Now over eight years later there are numerous different iPads that you can choose from, so if you want a portable tablet computing product at a more affordable price, consider browsing through the range of iPads in our refurbished tablets section.

8 Tips & Tricks For iPads

Tablet computers and fantastic pieces of technology; however are you using yours to its capabilities?

Make the most out of your refurbished iPad with these 8 tips and tricks.

  1. Enable Guided Access
    If you have young children who like to use your iPad, the guided access mode is a very useful feature. This prevents users from tapping or clicking somewhere they shouldn’t. This minimises the risk of users from accidently deleting something or opening the wrong app.

    You can access this through the settings app. You can find the feature in Settings> General>Accessibility>Guided Access.
  2. Protect Your Data In Case Of Theft
    If you’re concerned about your data being accessed by somebody if you lose your iPad or if it is stolen, you can “booby-trap” your data. This sets your iPad to delete your data if there are 10 consecutive failures to enter the correct passcode.

    This feature can be found in, Settings>Touch ID & Passcode.

  3. Control Notifications
    With so many useful and interesting applications to use on your iPad, the amount of notifications pinging can quickly get out of control. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed don’t worry because you can customise your notification settings. Simply go to Settings>Notifications and turn off all the notifications that you do not want. You can also go into specific details, for example you can decide if a notification should have a sound or not.

  4. Split The Keyboard In Two
    iPads can come in numerous different sizes, so if you’re struggling to type on your tablet because the screen is too large, you can split the keyboard in two and create two thumb keyboards. Indeed, some may find this keyboard setup much more comfortable to use. Give it a try and see which one you prefer.

  5. Lock The Screen Orientation
    This can be very useful for those who want to make sure that their screen stays in the same place. Additionally, it’s also great news for those with newer iPads as it’s much easier to lock the screen orientation on the newer versions. If you have a newer iPad and you’re not sure how to find the lock orientation feature, double-tap your home button, and look at the top right corner of the control centre, the icon should look like a circling arrow around a lock. When this icon changes colour, the feature is enabled and your screen’s orientation is locked.

  6. Make The Most Out Of Your Storage Space
    There are lots of ways that you can make the most out of the storage space that is available on your iPad. For example, if you use the iCloud, you can store messages on the iCloud instead of on your tablet. Additionally, if you visit Settings>General>Storage you will be able to enable Offload Unused Apps. This will keep app data stored but remove unused apps, which is ideal if you find yourself frequently downloading lots of apps but not using many of them.

  7. Change The Colour Scheme
    If you find the colour scheme too bright, you can invert the colour scheme to use a much darker theme. You can find this feature in Settings>General>Accessibility>Display Accommodations. In this area you’ll find an option for Invert Colours; you may also find additional colour options there that you may be interested in.

  8. Protect Yourself With A VPN
    If you have access to a virtual private network (also known as a VPN) your iPad can connect to it. You can find the appropriate feature in Settings>General>VPN.

    VPNs are very useful. The original use for these private networks was to create secure ways for businesses to connect with each other. However for everyday use, they are fantastic with regards to security. They can help make it difficult for people to snoop on you whilst you access Wi-Fi in public places, such as free Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or a hotel.

    Accessing a VPN using this feature is much more useful than using a VPN app. The app can only protect your data from within the app; however using a virtual private network through this setting can provide protection to your data system-wide.

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