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We Are A Climate Positive Business

Our Carbon Neutral Mission

Since the start of 2021, we have been on a mission to become completely carbon neutral! With the world we live in today, our planet is at great risk of CO2 destruction, therefore we established that we could be doing more to help stop this climate crisis. As a company, we are very passionate towards the sustainable future of our planet and have been planning the most effective ways to help. As a business that specialises in refurbishing IT products, we've already had a head start on our Climate Positive goal. However, we are aware that selling recycled products isn't enough, so we researched other opportunities to maximise our potential of achieving our goal and restoring the planet.

What Are We Doing To Help?

Towards the beginning of 2022, we have partnered up with Earthly who have helped us set up a project that allows us to plant trees with every order on our website. So for each time someone orders a laptop from our website, a number of trees will be planted at a specific location around the world. By purchasing from us, our customers are helping the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. We will also be using our Resource Efficiency Audit Report to help run the business on clean/renewable energy for the foreseeable future.

For any questions regarding our carbon neutral journey, get in touch to learn more:

E: sales@pcrenewed.co.uk

T: 02476 460069