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On this page you will find all of our Grade A refurbished laptops that are in stock. All of these laptops are ex-corporate models; offering great durability and superb reliability. As they are Grade A refurbished, all of these models have been refurbished to our highest standard and will show no more than very minor signs of use. Additionally, like all of our refurbished laptops, all laptops listed on this page come with a 30 Day no quibble returns policy and a 12 month warranty.

Grade A Refurbished Laptops From PC Renewed

With a refurbished laptop you could find a great laptop at a great price. Whilst it is indeed true that some tasks and applications require a computer that is equipped with the latest technology, numerous tasks do not require latest-generation tech. As such, you might be able to find a better price/performance ratio by choosing to purchase a laptop from our certified refurbished section, instead of purchasing a brand new laptop.

If you opt for a refurbished laptop, the computer will have been tested to make sure that the computer is in working order. However, with our Grade A certified refurbished laptops, you will receive a product that has been fully refurbished to be as close to new condition as possible. We will also re-print the keyboard.This means that if any faults previously existed with the laptop, after being refurbished to a Grade A standard, you can purchase with confidence in the knowledge that these faults no longer exist.

Grade A certified refurbished section can be used for a wide variety of different tasks, they can be used for both business and leisure use, swiftly handling tasks such as web-browsing and word processing, whilst also being powerful enough to watch television or films using on demand services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, or other similar services.

Choose From A Range Of Specifications & Operating Systems

When purchasing a laptop it is very important that you choose a laptop with the required specifications. Whilst it is true that unless you require a laptop for intensive use, you may not need a state-of-the-art computer, it’s important to remember that whilst less powerful computers are indeed less expensive, they have less longevity. For some tasks, this is not an issue; however for others it can significantly impact your ability to use the laptop. As such, we advise you consider the tasks you would like to complete in the future and if the laptop will be able to complete these tasks in a swift and efficient manner.

If you’re unsure what specifications are required for your computer, Don’t worry because the PC Renewed team is here to help. We can help explain the differences between memory and storage, DDr3 memory and DDr4 memory, a Hard Drive and a Solid State Drive, and more.

Searching For An Affordable Laptop? Choose A Refurbished Lenovo Laptop

Here at PC Renewed, we are both an Amazon Certified Refurbisher and a Genuine Microsoft Third Party Installer. Additionally, when you purchase from our online store, you can enjoy a One Year Warranty & 30 day no quibble returns policy alongside free UK delivery on all laptops and desktop computers.

If you would like to speak to us, please call 02476 422328, alternatively you can get in touch with our team by sending an email to sales@pcrenewed.co.uk. We will always try to endeavour to answer all questions in a speedy and efficient manner.