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Blue Laptops

Blue Laptops

So, you’re on the lookout for a new laptop but fancy a change from the predictable black and silver models. How about a blue laptop? This striking hue will brighten up your day as you type away. Our collection of blue laptops appeals to all. Whether you need a device to bring fun to your child’s homework routine or are looking for an affordable, reliable machine whilst you work from home, we’ll have the perfect blue laptop for you.

Where to buy a blue laptop

PC Renewed supplies a collection of coloured laptops, including vibrant blue laptops. You can be confident that you’re getting an excellent device when you shop with us - our blue laptops are refurbished to grade A standards. As you explore our range of products, you’ll see that you can choose your preferred memory and SSD. Build the best blue laptop for your needs today!

Our friendly team at PC Renewed are happy to answer any questions about our blue coloured laptops. Call us on 02476 460069, send an email to sales@pcrenewed.co.uk or complete our enquiry form.

PC Renewed’s blue laptops from top brands

Going down the refurbished laptop route allows you to shop for top brands at a fraction of the price. At PC Renewed, we offer a variety of blue coloured laptops from approved brands, including HP and Lenovo.

Blue HP laptop

Benefits of HP laptops include reliability, security features and style. Our blue HP laptops on offer don’t disappoint. Due to the popularity of their products, it’s easy to source accessories, from spare chargers to computer mice.

Blue Lenovo laptops

When you think of Lenovo laptops, innovation, versatility and affordability come to mind. Our range of blue Lenovo laptops ticks all of those boxes.

The classic Lenovo Thinkpad is the device of choice for many schools and businesses. Its strong durability is ideal as you don’t need to worry about it being dropped or bumped. If you’re considering buying refurbished laptops in bulk, why not add some blue Lenovo laptops to your order.

How we refurbish blue laptops

At PC Renewed, we don’t settle for anything less than the best. Before we sell a refurbished blue laptop, the device must pass all of our strict tests.

First, we inspect the laptop and complete any required repairs. After this, we’ll restore the device to factory condition, meaning you get a fresh start. We’ll then install Windows 10 Professional, so you have everything you need to enjoy your new blue coloured laptop.

To give your blue laptop its bold colour, we apply a vinyl cover. Once this casing is fitted, you can treat your device the same way as any of our other refurbished laptops for sale. If you feel like mixing up your style, we also sell pink, gold and purple vinyl covers.

You can shop with PC Renewed with confidence as we will never sell a faulty product. To give you peace of mind, our refurbished blue laptops come with a one year warranty.

Blue Laptops