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Pink Laptops

Pink Laptops

Why opt for a boring black laptop when you could choose a jazzy pink laptop? Whether pink is your favourite colour and you’re looking for a refurbished laptop to match your style, or you’re purchasing your child’s first laptop and are on a hunt for a device with some personality, PC Renewed is here to help. Our pink refurbished laptops are a popular choice for those seeking stylish tech.

Where to buy a pink laptop

PC Renewed offers a range of coloured laptops - and we couldn’t miss out on pink laptops! Our devices are refurbished to grade A standards, so they feel just like new. As you browse through our pink refurbished laptops, you’ll notice that you can select your preferred memory and SSD, allowing you to customise your device to your needs.
Our friendly team at PC Renewed are happy to answer any questions about our pink refurbished laptops. Give us a call on 02476 460069, send us an email to sales@pcrenewed.co.uk or complete our enquiry form.

How we refurbish pink laptops

Our technicians follow stringent tests to refurbish our laptops to the highest standards. Firstly, we inspect the laptop and complete repairs before restoring it to factory condition. We then install Windows 10 professional onto our devices, so you have everything you need to get started with your new pink coloured laptop.

To give your pink laptop its characteristic colour, we carefully apply a high-quality vinyl cover. Once the vinyl cover is fitted, you can treat your device the same way as any of our other refurbished laptops for sale. If you feel like switching it up, we also sell blue, gold and purple vinyl covers.

You can shop with PC Renewed with confidence as we will never sell a faulty product. To give you extra peace of mind, our pink refurbished laptops come with a one year warranty.

Pink Laptops