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Refurbished iPads – What To Look For

Posted in News by PC Renewed on September 07th 2018
Here at PC Renewed, we refurbish a wide range of refurb tech products including refurbished desktop computers from well known brands such as Dell, Lenovo, and Hewlett Packard. However, if you’re searching for a more portable product, how about a refurbished iPad?

Refurbished iPads – 5 Things To Consider

When purchasing a new item of technology, it’s always important to do your research. So to give you a helping hand, here’s a quick list of 5 things to consider when purchasing an iPad refurb from the PC Renewed online store.

  1. Make Sure You Have The Right Amount Of Storage
    With some items of technology such as a personal computer (PC), if you want to increase the amount of storage available it’s as simple as making a backup copy of your data, carefully removing the old hard drive, installing a new hard drive with more storage, and copying over the data. Some people with room for multiple hard drives could skip the first steps and just add an additional hard drive into their computer.

    Some tablets have the ability to utilise SD storage, this means that your storage capabilities can grow with your needs. However, Apple utilises fixed storage in its iPads and this means that changing the amount of storage available on your iPad will require an external storage device, such as a flash drive with a lightning connector, or a wireless drive, sometimes referred to as a media hub.

    So when purchasing an iPad, make sure that you choose the correct storage, otherwise you’ll have to resort to carrying external storage devices alongside your tablet. This could result in important files being lost.

  1. What Would You Like To Use The Device For?
    When purchasing any item of tech it is crucial that you consider what you want to do with the product.

    For example, tablets such as iPads and other competitors can be fantastic choices for consuming media on the go. Through numerous different apps your tablet can become a portable games console, a newspaper, and even a television. However, if you want a device for intensive gaming, your needs might be better met by a PC or laptop that has the required specifications to run your game of choice at an optimal speed. Indeed, whilst some games have mobile and tablet versions that are playable on iPads, others do not. So if you want to play games on your iPad, make sure you research the titles you are interested in and if they are available on mobile/tablet devices beforehand to avoid disappointment.

  1. Choose The Correct Screen Size
    Similar to a laptop, it is very important that you choose the correct screen size for your tablet. If you purchase a PC, you can decide to upgrade your setup to include a larger monitor, or if you graphics card allows it, you could upgrade the system to a two monitor setup. However, if you purchase an iPad and then decide you want a larger screen, you’re options are limited.

    One option is to mirror your iPad’s screen to your home television, which can be very useful for people who want to watch TV on an iPad. You can use the smaller and more portable screen for watching television on the go, such as on a train whilst commuting to work. However, you can mirror the screen to a large television whilst at home.

    That being said, if you want to increase your screen size whilst on the go, you might have to consider purchasing a larger iPad. So make sure you consider what screen size you want carefully.

  1. Do You Want An iPad?
    It might seem like a strange question, however with numerous other tablet computing products to choose from, it is very important to consider if your needs could be a better served with a tablet from a different manufacturer. Such as a tablet running android software.

    With regards to the iPad – arguably one of its biggest advantages is that they tend to be more stable and much easier to use than android tablets. This is because Apple approves each app individually; meaning that most of the severe bugs are avoided. However, whilst this has advantages in the form of making it more difficult for malware to enter their devices, the approval process can cause a user to be prevented from using apps which may be an issue for some, especially if you purchased the tablet with intent to use a specific app that is unavailable on iPads.

    So if you are searching for an easy to use tablet computer, the iPad is a fantastic choice. The simple design means it takes less time to learn how to use the device so you can quickly start having fun on your new tablet computer. However if you’re searching for a tablet device with lots of options for customisation – your needs might be better suited with an android device.

  1. Only Purchase From An Amazon Certified Refurbisher
    When purchasing any item of refurbished tech, it is very important that you only purchase your refurbished products from a reputable and trustworthy business who is an Amazon Certified Refurbisher – such as PC Renewed.

    It’s a common misconception that refurbished tablets are the same as used tablets. However, if you purchase an iPad refurb from a reputable business, it will have been tested and verified to function correctly. This means that if any faults previously existed with the device, those faults should no longer exist. Additionally with products purchased from PC, you can enjoy further peace of mind because all of the products which are available for purchase on our online store are covered by our One Year Warranty and should any issues arise, you can make use of our 30 day no quibble returns policy.

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